Making it easier for you on your big day

Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Tips & Hints

Clients often seek advice on their wedding day, whether it’s months in advance or in a last-minute frenzy on the big day itself. The truth is, I’ve been through this process more times than most. While I’m not a wedding planner, photographers often take on a similar role, especially on your special day.

Hopefully my guide on useful wedding day tips & hints will make it easier for you on your big day.

Bridal Prep / Getting Ready

Prepare the room

Ensure the room is clutter-free, creating an ideal backdrop for stunning photographs.

Find GOod Lighting

Look for well-lit areas to hang up your dress; if unsure, I’m here to assist in finding the perfect spot.

Gather Items

Prior to my arrival, collect all the items you’d like to be photographed in one convenient location, such as jewellery, perfume, and shoes.

Photographer/interior designer

I’m available to lend a hand in arranging and moving items as needed, ensuring a seamless and beautiful photo environment.

Allow Ample Time

Allow ample time for preparation to accommodate any unexpected situations and ensure a stress-free lead-up to your ceremony.

Relax & Enjoy

Take some time to relax and fully embrace the precious moments with your bridesmaids, soaking in the joy of the pre-wedding experience.

unplugged Weddings

Live in the Moment

Live in the Moment: By embracing an unplugged wedding, guests can fully immerse themselves in the ceremony without being distracted by screens, allowing them to genuinely experience the event. 

Ruined moments

Unplugged weddings help prevent unfortunate instances where guests inadvertently block professional shots with their own cameras or phones, preserving the precious moments.

Compromise Option

Some couples go a step further by allowing guests to take photos after the ceremony but request that they refrain from posting them online until the next day. This strikes a balance between capturing memories and enjoying the day without distraction.

Confetti Tunnels

Pace yourself

Taking it slow allows me to capture exceptional shots. If you rush, I won’t have enough time to adjust, so let’s savour the moment together!

When to throw confetti?

The perfect time line up for the confetti toss is right after the ceremony. It’s a perfect opportunity to capture the authentic and joyful expressions you’ll share as confetti rains down from both sides.

Natural Expressions

Instead of posing for the camera, focus on each other, your delighted guests, or the beautiful surroundings. Keep the joy alive, as this part of the day passes quickly. A nice kiss at the end tops off the impressive tunnel.

Formal Group Photos

Make a list

To expedite the process, a list is a great way to make sure it all goes smoothly. Multiple copies printed and handed to ushers or family members, who can assist in organising everyone.

Limit the groups

I recommend restricting formal shots to 10 groups. Beyond this point, forced smiles can detract from the authenticity of the photos, and the process can become lengthy.

Start with the largest group

Begin with the larger groups and gradually reduce the number of people in each shot. This approach is more efficient and saves time, allowing you more freedom to enjoy your day.


Prioritise Speeches

To ease nerves and ensure a smoother flow of the day, consider having speeches before your wedding breakfast or meal. Many speech-givers tell me they’re anxious and just want to get it done. Starting with speeches can help everyone feel more comfortable and enjoy the meal without heightened nerves.

Cleaner Photos

By having speeches early, you can ensure that your photos capture the moments when everyone still looks their best, and the tables are free from wine or food spills.

Timing Matters

Guests tend to be more attentive and focused earlier in the event, making it an ideal time for special moments.


Capturing Love Twice

Consider planning two sessions for romantic couple photographs. The first can be right after the ceremony or on your way to the reception venue, providing a quiet moment to bask in your commitment without distractions. The second session, ideally close to sunset, captures those warm, golden tones and intimate moments between you two. The latter may involve more posing, but by then, you’ll be at ease and perhaps a bit more relaxed.

Sunset Serenity

For stunning couple photographs, schedule some time 30-45 minutes before sunset. This magical lighting will create a warm, romantic atmosphere. While the session may involve a bit more posing, it’s also an opportunity to capture your genuine love and connection.

Be Yourselves

Don’t fret about striking perfect poses. I don’t ask you to be anything but yourselves. During our session, I’ll simply walk with you, capturing candid moments that truly reflect your personalities and the joy of your special time together. Just relax, enjoy each other’s company, and let me handle the rest.