What makes your day extra special

The Wedding Photography Experience

Wedding photography goes beyond the wedding day itself. Here’s a glimpse of what lies ahead before and after your special day.



Photography is more than a service; it's an invaluable investment in preserving the precious moments of your wedding day. Long after the cake has been sliced, the flowers have wilted, and the dance floor has cleared, your photographs remain as tangible keepsakes of your cherished memories. Choosing the right photographer is a decision of utmost significance, one that merits careful consideration. The journey you embark on with your photographer is pivotal, as it ensures that you can confidently immerse yourself in your wedding day, free from any concerns about photography.

Love Story Of Your Day


Each wedding is a unique narrative, and your day should reflect your individuality. I believe that photography should capture the authenticity of your day, unobtrusively documenting the genuine moments as they naturally unfold. To achieve this, it's crucial for me to understand your unique love story as a couple, what defines you, and the essence of your connection. It goes beyond just the wedding day; I maintain communication with you leading up to your wedding. Over time, we build a relationship and a deep understanding through numerous meetings and, if desired, a pre-wedding shoot. This ensures that the coverage on your wedding day authentically reflects your story.

Pre Wedding Excitement

Pre Wedding / Engagement Shoot

Feeling comfortable in front of a camera isn't a universal experience, and it's entirely normal to feel a bit apprehensive about being in the spotlight on your wedding day. If this resonates with you, the documentary style of photography may be an excellent fit, allowing you to be entirely present in the moment without feeling self-conscious about the camera's presence. Additionally, an engagement or pre-wedding shoot can prove invaluable for getting to know your photographer and establishing a rapport. It's an opportunity to practice and feel at ease, discovering ways to look your best in front of the lens. We can choose a location that holds sentimental value to you as a couple, ensuring that the resulting images genuinely capture your unique connection.


The Wait...

The time leading up to your wedding day can seem like an eternity as plans come together and key suppliers are secured. During this period, I provide you with valuable guides to maximise your photography experience and maintain your inspiration. Additionally, I am readily available to offer guidance on day-of timings and any wedding-related inquiries. With a wealth of experience attending countless weddings, I am always here to enhance your wedding day experience.


After the celebrations

Just a day or two following your wedding, I'll share a curated selection of my favourite photos with you, allowing you to relive cherished moments or express gratitude to your guests. I personally handle the editing process for each wedding, meticulously reviewing every image, which typically takes about a week per wedding. During peak summer seasons, I make every effort to deliver your photos within 6-10 weeks, and often even sooner. Before your wedding day, I will provide you with an estimated delivery date to mark on your calendar.


Precious Memories

In our modern digital era, it's convenient to turn to screens to revisit your cherished memories. Yet, there's an irreplaceable quality found in printed photographs. These physical images transform into timeless heirlooms, treasured by generations to come. Your photos are thoughtfully presented in a private online gallery, offering you easy management and the option to share your moments with loved ones. Additionally, you'll receive a captivating highlights slideshow that adds a dynamic touch to your memories. Furthermore, you have the convenience of ordering prints directly through the online gallery to bring your photographs to life in tangible form.


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