Rain or Shine: 8 Outdoor Weddings Tips to Prepare for The Unpredictable

Planning an outdoor wedding can be amazing when the sun is shining and the wind is gentle, but it also comes with its unique challenges, particularly when it comes to unpredictable weather. Whether it’s rain or shine, your special day can still be perfect with some good old-fashioned planning. In this guide, I’ll be sharing eight Outdoor Wedding Weather Tips to help you plan your outdoor wedding.

1. Choose a Sheltered Venue

When choosing your outdoor wedding venue, consider selecting one that provides shelter or an indoor backup option. This way, you’ll have a secure location to relocate your ceremony or reception if the weather takes an unexpected turn. Many modern venues offer multiple spaces for ceremonies. Alternatively, if you have your own outdoor space in mind, renting a marquee could be an excellent choice. This ensures your guests’ comfort and enjoyment, even if the weather surprises you.

2. Rent a Tent

As mentioned in the previous tip, this option is particularly practical if you plan to host your wedding on your own property. Don’t leave anything to chance, especially in a region known for its unpredictable weather, like Cornwall. Consider renting a spacious tent that can comfortably accommodate your guests, whether it’s to shield them from rain or harsh sun. Tents provide a cozy and weather-resistant atmosphere, ensuring everyone’s comfort throughout the celebration.

3. Weather-Resistant Decor

Be mindful of your décor choices. Select weather-resistant or waterproof decorations and seating arrangements to prevent any last-minute mishaps. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

4. Communication Is Key

Ensure your guests are well-informed about your outdoor venue and the possibility of weather fluctuations. Encourage them to bring suitable clothing or accessories, such as umbrellas or sunscreen. After all, nobody wants to endure heatstroke on a scorching day or catch a cold if rain decides to join the celebration!

5. Create a Rain Plan

Work closely with your wedding coordinator or venue staff to develop a solid rain plan. Decide well in advance when and how you’ll make the call to move indoors if needed. Having a clear plan ensures a seamless transition and less stress on your big day.

6. Accessorise for Comfort

Consider providing comfort items for your guests. Offer cute umbrellas for a sudden rain shower or blankets on colder evenings. These thoughtful touches can make your wedding memorable for all the right reasons.

7. Waterproof Your Attire

For the bridal party, have a plan to keep wedding attire dry. Invest in bridal umbrellas, and make sure there are safe spots to store dresses and suits during outdoor photo sessions.

8. Embrace the rain and enjoy your big day!

Sometimes, unexpected weather can lead to stunning and unique photo opportunities. Don’t be afraid to embrace the rain or sunshine. Your photographer can capture beautiful moments that tell your wedding day story in a memorable way.

With these eight outdoor wedding weather tips, you’ll be well-prepared for any weather scenario on your outdoor wedding day. Rain or shine, your love will shine through, and your celebration will be filled with beautiful memories.

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